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Borough of Wenonah

GCL Light Rail Line Update

April 2014

The Borough held an informal meeting on March 20, 2014, at the Wenonah Elementary School to discuss issues and  questions  associated with  having a station on the Glassboro Camden Light Rail Line, (GCL).

Representatives from the Delaware River Port Authority, (DRPA)  and  STV, Inc.,  were invited to provide answers to ten questions developed by Borough Council pertaining  to the construction and operation of a station. Moreover, the impact on the community including parking and safety issues as well as the proposed location of the station.

The DRPA is the governmental body spearheading the project and STV, Inc.  the consulting group contracted to complete the Environmental Impact  Study, (EIS).

Residents were invited, and the meeting format included Council’s presentation of their questions to the panel representatives with dialogue between the panel, residents and Council.

Although some important information was provided by the panel, it was clear that some critical details of the station operations will not be available until the EIS is completed. We understand that the report should be completed and available for review by the fall of 2014.

What we do know is that all towns located on the GCL will be afforded a station. Moreover, that each town does have the right to “opt out”. However, this has only been communicated verbally by the DRPA.

Council has formally asked the DRPA for more time in providing its decision to opt out or not until the EIS has been completed and there has been sufficient time for review.

Council has not yet decided as to how it will include the Borough residents in the decision but discussions have included; having another town hall meeting and or include a Public Question or Referendum on the November 2014 ballot. More information will be placed on the Boroughs Website as it becomes available.

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