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Crews are still present along the Mantua Creek, but in far fewer numbers. Little to no petroleum remains upstream. Over the past couple of weeks, crews were able to remove much of the product where it collected, along with saturated debris, while Mother Nature has repeatedly flushed the creek with several heavy rains. One by one, the absorbent boons have been removed. The boon located at the Mantua Creek bridge remains in place and will remain there through the next anticipated rains. There are still diminishing spots ever of dull grey sheening due to the emulsified product, but these have been joined natural sheening along the tidal marshes. The odor has largely dissipated but does remains faintly detectable in places. DEP will remain on-site monitoring the situation. The next round of rains is anticipated to go far in returning the lower part of the creek to full health. Although the creek has nearly returned to its previous state, until further notice, it’s probably still best to not let your pets drink or swim in the creek.

As the health of the creek returns, so does the wildlife. Today, a beaver that was previously captured and rehabilitated was returned to the creek in the Tall Pines State Preserve. The beaver took a quick dip, found a suitable tree, and returned to doing what beavers do… chewing on trees.

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