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Message from your Mayor

Dear Wenonah Residents,

You thought all the trash talk was over now that Election Day has come and gone?

Not so…Let’s Talk Trash, Your Trash!!

As you know, as Mayor and Council of Wenonah, we are dedicated in our ongoing efforts to manage the taxes for our homeowners in Wenonah.  We constantly look for ways to trim the budget without sacrificing services to you.

One of the cost saving measures is the shared service agreement for Trash and Recycle removal in Wenonah.

We are proud to announce, for January 2016, Wenonah has contracted with Logan Township for all trash and recycle removal services at a substantial dollar savings to you, the tax payers.

Residents will be receiving a new green, 95 gallon recycle cart.  All of your recyclables are to be comingled in the cart.  You will still be using the black, 95 or 64 gallon trash carts that you already have for the household trash.  Pick up day for trash and recycle will still be Friday.

You will also receive, in the mail, NEW TRASH RULESPlease read it over carefully, as some of the RULES HAVE CHANGED.  For instance, the bulk pick up day will be on the 4th Tuesday of the month.  They will not pick up any trash that does not fit inside the can unless you call the Borough Finance office (856-468-5228) and have your name put on a list.  The same goes for bulk pick up; they will only stop at addresses that are on the list we give them the day before pick up.

We are excited to be partners with Logan Township.  Please be patient as we make this change and any bumps in the process will be quickly corrected.  Please call the Finance Office (856-468-5228) or Public Works (856-468-5300) if you have any questions.

John Dominy, Mayor of Wenonah