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When snow is expected, please make every attempt to park your vehicle in a driveway.

If you must park in the street, use the odd-even system to facilitate snowplowing.  On odd numbered days, park on the odd numbered side of the street.  On even numbered days, park on the even numbered side of the street.  

Please clear your sidewalks within 12 hours of snow fall as per ordinance #56-33.
Failure to remove will result in fines.  Please be kind to the welfare of your neighbors.

If possible, wait until the borough plows have passed before shoveling your driveway.

A message from the Wenonah Volunteer Fire Company:

Be prepared for the storm:
1) pre-fuel and run your snow blowers and generators 
2) don't forget odd/even parking so the plows can get through
3) if you live near fire a hydrant remember to clear the area around the hydrant when clearing your sidewalks
4) Don't forget to check on your neighbors that might need some assistance