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Council News

At the Borough of Wenonah Business Meeting held on Thursday, June 23, 2016, Borough Council unanimously agreed to move forward with a potential purchase of a new or demo fire truck to replace the current 1992 Grumman which by the time a new truck is authorized, will be 26 years old and has already developed numerous mechanical issues. The Wenonah Fire Company, (WFC), will be seeking either a new or demonstrator with a cost not to exceed $500,000. During the next year, the WFC will develop the specifications for a vehicle that meets the Borough’s needs. The bidding process will then follow. In order to minimize the financial impact on local taxes, the new vehicle is projected to be placed into service no earlier than August of 2018.

From the January 2016 initial request from the WFC for replacement consideration, the Public Safety & Finance Committees have been charged with the overall review of the Borough’s specific need for fire services, possible shared services with other local fire companies, not replacing the current vehicle and making repairs, purchasing a newer used vehicle, current and future state of the WFC and trends for the availability of ample volunteers, and the analysis of the financial impact on the taxpayer. Moreover, from a safety perspective, the effect on the overall response time to a fire in Wenonah and potential impact on life and property versus the potential response from an “outside” vendor. (These were anecdotal and estimates only).

Some initial budget projections beginning in August of 2018 or the purchase year, include a 10-year payoff of a $500,000 note at about $53,000 per year of principal and interest. The estimated budget for the WFC at $25,000 per year, and an estimated **LOSAP contributions of $15,000 per year indicating a total cost of $93,000 or $103.00 per household, (900 households), to fund the all -volunteer WFC. (During the past two decades this annual cost has remained relatively constant as the Borough rolled off an older vehicle in place of a newer one. Essentially, any tax increase will be minimal if any). The WFC has agreed to lower its annual budget from the current $35,000 to $25,000 in 2018 as a contribution towards the cost of the new fire truck. Also, maintenance and repair costs will be substantially less on the new vehicle versus the 1992 Grumman.

Please contact Jack Sheppard Jr., 609-980-9918,(Chair of the Public Safety & Personnel Committee ), or Bill Norris,610-368-3938, (Chair of the Finance Committee), for more information on the process and investigation.

** LOSAP-Length of Service Awards Program approved via referendum. 

61st Annual Wenonah 4th of July Parade 8:30AM

Theme: Celebrating 100 years of National Parks 

This day would not be possible without all of the support and donations that we get from town, local businesses and beyond! Thank you!

Donations to the Wenonah Lions Club can be sent using credit or debit card here: http://bit.ly/1HHC8UH

Parade applications are available at the Wenonah Library or to print from here. http://bit.ly/20UmyQd

Dont forget to use #wenonah4th when posting pictures to all social media.

If you are interested in ordering t-shirts from Wenonah Home and School click here: https://goo.gl/zOunme

Trash and Recycling Review

Trash Collection and Recycling Review:
Trash and Recycling Collection in Wenonah is through a shared service agreement with Logan Township. All trash and recyclables will be picked up on the same day, Friday. Please place all your household waste in plastic bags before placing in the trash cart. During times of excess household waste that does not fit inside the trash cart, please call the Borough Finance Office (856-468-5228) by Noon on Thursday and have your name and address put on the excess household waste pick up list as the waste hauler will only stop at addresses that are on that list. Place trash at the curb Thursday evening or by 6:45 A.M. Friday morning.

Bulk items such as furniture and mattresses that are too large for regular trash will be picked up on the 4th Tuesday of the month by the trash hauler. Please call the Borough Finance Office (856-468-5228) by Noon on Monday and have your name and address put on the bulk item pick up list, as the trash hauler will only stop at addresses that are on that list.

Wenonah Public Works will pick up recyclable bulk (metal) as well as white goods which are appliances. They also pick up computer towers, and printers....DPW no longer picks up computer monitors or TV's. Please call the following numbers for advise on disposal...Goodwill in Woodbury Heights 848-9834; Best Buy in Deptford 374-0404; Thanks For Being Green in Pennsauken 333-0991..

Wenonah Lake Opens for the 2016 Season!

Wenonah Lake will be open on Weekends starting on Saturday, May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend) and open full time starting Saturday, June 18th.  Please click below for detailed information for Wenonah Lake information for the 2016 season.

Wenonah Lake General Information 2016 Season

Wenonah Lake Registration Form

Facility/Property Use Agreement

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